Give Thanks

I’ve been thinking about this new year & what it will look like for our family & what steps I can start it off with that will help shape me & our year. I know many things in life we cannot control, but I believe how we start each day is in our control.

So I have I have been thinking about forming {good} habits.

And so this morning when I came across this I knew immediately what habit I wanted to start-up again.


As much as I love {most} of our technology these days, there is something I adore about hand written things. I want to write down {with pen & paper} 3 daily things I am grateful for.

This must be something deep within me because although most days my thoughts are fleeting, I remember going away to college & unpacking a box of goodies my mom sent with me. Tucked down in the side of the box was the lightest pink pack of thank you cards tied with a ribbon & a small handwritten note from her that said ‘a grateful heart is always in style’. I’m sure I have that note saved somewhere.

I also vividly remember when D was a toddler, I bought us each a little notebook from the dollar store & every day we sat down & wrote 1 thing we were thankful for. His thanks were lines that he drew, but as he told me what those lines ‘said’ I would write the words down & knew that his heart was being grateful.

My sweet friend, Susan, has her children stop when they begin to whine & tell her 3 things they are thankful for in their lives.

Love it! 

I can find something daily that I am ungrateful for very easily, but I want to choose to find 3 things that I am grateful for starting today.

Would you join me as I give thanks, for our God is SO good. 

Here’s my starting list {I’m behind a few days, so I will continue to add to this list}

 1. cinnamon vanilla coffee creamer {yummy}

2. my husband {whether he brings home a deer or not} ❤

3. God’s very spoken words that I can read & that are new to me every day

4. boys from the bus windows saying ‘I love you’ in sign language

5. a warm home

6. blueberry muffins

7. a little girl who snuggles me

8. ‘Jesus Calling’

9. the excitement of a new home

10. an empty laundry basket

11. Lulu



4 thoughts on “Give Thanks

  1. This reminds me of a sermon that one of my pastors taught when I was a young adult that I still remember and practice. She said that before we begin our prayers, before we talk to God about our wants and needs for ourselves and others, to tell him 3 things you are thankful for that day. Don’t begin by rattling off what we’d like him to do in our lives, but rather begin with a thankful heart. It has brought a whole new meaning to my prayers and shines the light on where my blessings really are.

    Thanks for this reminder, Cami!

  2. Quite a number of years ago, I faithfully wrote 1 Thanks per day for the month of November each year to prepare my heart for a true Thanksgiving at the end of the month. That grew to 5 Thanks per day each day in November for a few years. Then a friend introduced me to a “gratitude journal” intended for daily use…every month of every year. It has become the way I begin my morning devotions. I’ve kept a gratitude journal daily for about 4 years.

    Some days I can think of nothing else but my sweet husband or my new cozy pjs or the latest bloom on my favorite rose. But some days, the tears fall on the white page as I begin to write my humble gratitude that the maker of the whole world loves and delights in me – incomprehendible – really!

    This habit of giving thanks will make the difference between those of us who survive and thrive these end times and those who will not. The word declares, “in those days (evil days before the Lord returns) hearts will grow cold and people will be ungrateful.”

    God bless you, dear Daughter, for taking up this challenge and teaching this life lesson to my sweet grans.

  3. From Kelli..I just returned from spending a week with my dying mom. One week ago we were told maybe 2 weeks left..well..the Lord has HIS days planned my mom..she has rallied some..and for THAT I am grateful..but more than that..because she gained SOME strengeth..her and I sat at her kitchen table everynight before I helped her to bed and just TALKED..and at the end of that talk SHE wanted to hold hands and pray..the 2nd nite she said SHE wanted to pray..her first time out loud in front of any of us..ya mom just gave her life to Jesus Dec. 1st of this year…after a prayer of asking The Lord to keep her children ..grandchildren..and great grandchildren safe AND healthy..and thanking Him for taking care of her..she turned to me and said “did I do ok??????!!!!!” I said mom that was the best prayer ever for the Lord is all about HEART felt simple prayers..she said..”ya know..I NEVER thought I would ever see my self saying a prayer but I feel so good right now!” and for all THIS I am grateful!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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