Friday Praise & Prayers

So, I’ve had a few things I’ve wanted to write about in this post, but those things were trumped by this new post I will call  “Friday Praise & Prayers”. I Chronicles 16:11 says “Look to the Lord and His strength; seek His face always.”
I want to share 2 different prayer requests with you today & if you have something that is weighing heavy on your heart, please feel free to leave a prayer request for us to pray for you.
Or better yet, if you are smiling ear to ear with a praise, share that with us.
It is GOOD to rejoice! (Phil. 4:4)
So my first prayer request is for a dear friend I met in Nashville, Kim has a friend who just lost their baby boy this past week. This is too fresh of a road for Kim to be on, to not only pray for her friend, but also to have so many feelings brought back to the surface of her own loss. My prayer for this family is that they will lean heavily in God’s arms & feel His presence more than anything else. My prayer for Kim, is that as she encourages & prays for this family, that her aching heart will find comfort.
My second request is for another family I have never met, but through an email today from my dad, it has found a place in my heart. This family is reaching out for prayer for their unborn baby that may have a Trisomy. My heart breaks even now as I type that word and think, just 8 short months ago, I did not even know what a “Trisomy” was. But today I want nothing more than for this family to be the one that has a miracle baby that wows the doctors.
And now for my praise of the week… only 3 days left of school left! We are ready for summer, swimming, music lessons, sleeping in (maybe), cooking out & fun.
Have a safe & sunny weekend.


One thought on “Friday Praise & Prayers

  1. Sweet Cami, I thank you for your prayers, both for my friend and for me. You know, as do I, that the road before her is not an easy one. So thankful that none of us have to walk it alone.

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