Friday Praise & Prayers

It looks like Lulu is praying in this sweet photo – luv it!

What prayers are you saying today? I’ve been praying for my friend Aimee this week as she has been celebrating Charlotte. I’ve also been praying for my friend, Robyn’s son, while he travels out-of-state for a job interview. And I’ve been lifting up Camp Wild kids & families & servants this week, as we gear up to head to camp next month.

I have been thankful this week for my husband, as he continually leads our family closer to Christ. What are you thankful for today?


One thought on “Friday Praise & Prayers

  1. Thanks for the prayers, praising God for open and closed doors that His path would be direct for Kyle. Praying for you, Jason and those kiddos…Blessings until your cups runneth over! Love and miss you, please stop by soon! 🙂

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