Missing You Lulu

Oh little girl, I am missing you so badly tonight.

I saw a mommy who has a little one at Dayton Children’s and all I could think of was you.  I am missing you, sweet baby.

I look at the clouds in the sky and wonder if they look the same from where I am sitting and where you are sitting.  And I am missing you, my Lulu.

I watch as your siblings learn new things and even though we go on, I want the world to stop spinning.  Oh how deeply I miss you.

I sing a song and all the words have different meanings now.  And I miss you.



3 thoughts on “Missing You Lulu

  1. Cami, my heart breaks all over again for you. I’m sure Lulu is happy in Heaven, but is yearning to be held in your arms again.

  2. You miss her everyday. And you miss her in every way. But you know there is a day when you will hold her.
    (Watermark- Glory Baby)

  3. Love that sweet picture! I’m sorry for the deep ache in your heart. It cuts to your very core and leaves you barely able to breathe sometimes. May you feel the comfort of God’s arms around you tonight, dear friend.

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