Birthday give-a-way

To celebrate my upcoming birthday, I want to have another give-a-way.

This time I have 2 books.

1. My favorite devotional, “Jesus Calling”…

{if I could give one of these away daily, I would – it’s that good)

2. and a beautiful book called “The Psalms of David”…

Seriously, I could sit and look at these pictures all day…BEAUTIFUL.

I will have a separate drawing for each book.

For YOUR chance to win, just leave a comment saying the best birthday gift you’ve ever received and which book {from above} you would like to be entered to win.

{If you would like to be entered for both books, just leave 2 comments}.

I’ll draw 2 winners next Friday.

Good luck friends!

see the winners here


13 thoughts on “Birthday give-a-way

  1. The best gift I received was the absolute incredible love and reassurance I received from God this year. I wrote about it in my blog in more detail. He has poured out His favor on me this year. (and my smoothie too:). He is such a gift. (book #2).

  2. For my oldest son’s birthday (Dustin is 31 today), being a parent and in absolute love with his Dad was a day I will never forget.
    Book 1

  3. Being a grandparent for the first time was another amazing God gift that you cannot describe, you have to experience. How does God just keep pouring out all that love, when I get overwhelmed with my little?
    Book 2

  4. Okay, so my birthday gift has no spirtual or insperational connections, but I know Cami will understand (and laugh) at my comment. Anyway, this year on my birthday, Rowen (my youngest, who is 2) pooped in the potty for the first time! Kind of sad, but I was really happy and thanked him for a great birthday gift! 🙂 Book #1

  5. Eleven years ago, on my “magic” birthday (meaning I turned 21 on the 21st) my best friend (named Tim) gave me a beautiful dimond ring and asked me to marry him! 10 years of marriage and 3 kids later life is still filled with “magic” and surprises!

  6. When I turned 40 a few years ago I received a gift from a precious gift from a most precious young lady who has Downs Syndrome. Her name is Kristin and she has the funniest and most beautiful spirit. She is so sincere and her presence just brings joy to all around her. So she brings me this piece of cardboard wrapped in a pink bandanna and tied with twine. Inside were numerous pieces of paper with drawings and writings that I couldn’t even begin to decipher. However because I know her and have had conversations with her I could easily imagine the things she had written to me. I laughed and I cried and hugged her while she patted me on the back and told me it was okay lol. I will always have this gift. Wrapped exactly as she gave it to me. Imagining and knowing the funny loving sentiments inside that only her and I know and share. It doesn’t make me any difference which book….if they bless YOU i know they will bless me. Love you.

  7. I would like to enter for the ‘Pslams of David’ book, but I haven’t had very memorable birthday gifts, apparently… I do have a belated birthday story, though. I was told by my Dr. that I would deliver my first born around my birthday. So I got very excited. Remember, he’s turning 33 in the spring, so this was back before ultra sounds and all the new testing they do now a days. My birthday came and went and six weeks after my birthday I received the best gift ever! My son, Ryan!

  8. My most memorable birthday was when I flew to England to meet Jim. We’d met on a blind date 1 1/2 years earlier and had only “visited” with each other over email and phone calls. He invited me to visit him while he was stationed at RAF MIldenhall, so I took the chance and went……thinking on the whole flight “no turning back now. I’ll either want the week to end quickly because I’ll be ready to come home, or it’ll be the best week ever and I’ll never want to come home.” He bought tickets for us to see Phantom of the Opera on my actual birthday (how many people can say they saw this beautiful musical on London’s east end?) and it quickly became my favorite musical! Now, 11 years later, he’s my best friend and I’m glad I “didn’t want to come home!” 🙂

  9. From Kelli…I don’t have a particular favorite b-day gift but here is a b-day mom had 5 children..the first 4 are ALL in March..2 of us have the same day(my oldest brother and my self!) another brother 4 days after us and another brother end of march!! My mom asked her doctor if she was only fertile in June!! Well..her 5th was born in May so that blew that theory!! I would love the “Jesus Calling” book.

  10. I didn’t realize you were a December baby! Will and I both have December birthdays, too (his was the 2nd). Mine is just 5 days before Christmas, so it often gets a bit lost. My grandmother’s birthday was December 15th. She understood what it was like to have a birthday so close to Christmas and made it a point when I was young to make the 20th special. Wrapping my birthday gift in Christmas paper was a no-no! She’s been gone a long time now, but I think of her as this time of the year rolls around.

    I’ve loved so much what you have shared from time to time from “Jesus Calling.” If I had to choose, that would be the one. Happy upcoming birthday to you, Cami!

  11. I got a SUPER cute set of ice cream cone paintings that hang in my Kitchen! I love to tell everyone about the cute little artist that made them. I would take either book, as long as it is hand delivered to Michigan. 🙂 Love you guys.

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