Grief does not know time…

It doesn’t know when it has been a month…

two months…

six months…

a year…

Grief is still as strong as our first day without you, Lulu.

It may not come every day like it once did.

But when grief does show up, it covers like a blanket.

Heavy on my chest.

Oh, what I would give to be holding you on my chest today.


2 thoughts on “Grief does not know time…

  1. Oh, sweetheart, thank you for keeping Lulu close to all of us. What a beautiful post – and how tender!

    How thankful I am that the grief does not come every moment of every day for you and your family, but how thankful I am that grief does it’s good job of holding you tight with wishes and memories, sighs and smiles, often enough to remember what innocence and pure heavenly love looks and feels like.

    Always praying for you,

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