Friday Praise & Prayers

 His mercies are new every morning…

They are new for you.

They are new for me.

And His promises are sure.

That is what I am praising God for today.

Today I am praying for my cousin, who gave birth to twin boys a week ago & was just hospitalized with a blood clot in her brain.

Will you please pray for her with me?


10 thoughts on “Friday Praise & Prayers

  1. Thank you Cami. We received some positive news this morning that her headaches are starting to subside and if she continues to improve, they might even move her out of ICU tomorrow! She is still having a difficult time emotionally, so please continue to pray for physical and emotional healing. Thank you so much for the prayers and the post. XOXO

  2. Cami, you probably don’t remember me (friends from junior high-milton) but I just stumbled across your blog from Sarah’s fb page. I just wanted to tell you how moving your blog is. You are an amazing woman. I have often wondered aboutyou when looking through old pics and I am so glad I could read this…you are in my prayers.

    1. Hi Stephanie, I DO remember you. Wow, when I saw your name, my mind instantly flooded with thoughts of our 8th grade year. Thank you so much for your words & even more for your prayers. I hope you have an amazing day!

  3. Cami,
    I will continue to keep her in my prayers! I just found out yesterday afternoon that my aunt could possibly have ovarian cancer. She will find out on Monday as of what to do next. So, please keep her in your prayers as well!

    P.S. Boo had fun yesterday:)

    1. I will definitely add your aunt to my prayer list. We serve a God who still does miracles, nothing is too little for Him. P.S. We are SO thankful for you. I know Boo luved some one on one time with you.

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