Sometimes when people send encouragement, it is a time that I desperately need it.

Other times when I receive it, I may already be having a good day. But I like to tuck those important words deep in my soul. I may need them for a later date.

Yesterday morning, I got a text from a sweet friend, I don’t see often enough, just letting me know I was in her prayers that day. At lunch another friend called to see how I was doing, she had just been thinking of me. And later that afternoon I got a text from my cousin who said I had been on his mind.

I probably hang on to cards & texts & emails a little too long.  But there are days I go back to read them again.

Did you ever have to do the ‘3-put-up rule’ when you were younger?  I remember if we said something mean, we had to say 3 nice things about that person. {Talk about rough punishment}  This is kinda the grown-up version – you don’t have to say anything mean to follow it up with something nice…

Start with nice.

If you are thinking of someone today, send them a little hello.

Tell them your day is better because you know them.

Go ahead and give them your beautiful smile {or even a kiss}.

Make someone’s day before they make yours.

‘therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing’ I Thessalonians 5:11



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