O’s Big Day

It’s all about O today…


Celebrating him as he turns 10!

A story to share a little of his sense of humor {it’s the best!}

Last night, he was working on his homework for language arts. Each week he has to define a particular word, give a synonym, an antonym and write a sentence using the word.

The word this week is ‘obnoxious’.

He looked up the definition and the synonym. Then I asked him what we thought an antonym would be and he gave me the same look in that first picture above and without hesitation said, “me!”

{O, you do my heart good like a medicine.}

So, in case your every needing the antonym for obnoxious, that would be Owen.


I admire you, already for your laid back attitude about most things.

You make me laugh in the middle of me being upset with you, a gift you got from your daddy.

You make this crazy world brighter and we are so-so blessed to have you OO.

Luvu 10X10X10X10X10X10X10.


5 thoughts on “O’s Big Day

  1. Dear O-E-O,
    While painting your farm fence yesterday, I was thinking that the day was very special b/c it was “O-E-Eve!” As soon as you got off the bus, you ran to me and before I could tell you my new word for every November 4th, you asked, “What’s today?” And then you blurted out, “…the day before tomorrow which is my birthday!” And without a skip, I said, “Yes, ‘O-E-Eve!’ ” Your long thoughtful face? Priceless!

    Wonderful minds think alike and usually at the same time!!!

    My O-E-O, it is heavenly to be your Mimi!!

  2. Happy Birthday O! Hope you had a fun filled day. This so reminded me of Jason when he was little. Thanks for sharing.

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