Heaven Birthday…


This is the day, four years ago, she met Him – our Creator who fearfully & wonderfully made her.

This is the day, four years ago, she met Him – our Savior who formed her – who set her apart.

This is the day that He has made.

I will rejoice and be glad in today.


Pink Today

You know how Christmas comes and does its whole big thing and then after…it’s just done?

I feel that way today.

Woke up and noticed the pink balloons that were floating on the ceiling yesterday are on the floor.

The 2 slices of cheesecake that are left are not quite as pretty as they were yesterday, sitting atop the cake-stand in all its grandeur.

The friends are gone.

The bubbles are done hovering.

And the house is quiet.

Too quiet.

But as I sit here with my (much needed) cup of coffee, I notice a happy accident.

A pink coffee cup.

photo 1-2

My pink socks.

photo 2-2

I’m even wearing a pink sweater.

It’s not over yet – there is still pink for today.