Pink Today

You know how Christmas comes and does its whole big thing and then after…it’s just done?

I feel that way today.

Woke up and noticed the pink balloons that were floating on the ceiling yesterday are on the floor.

The 2 slices of cheesecake that are left are not quite as pretty as they were yesterday, sitting atop the cake-stand in all its grandeur.

The friends are gone.

The bubbles are done hovering.

And the house is quiet.

Too quiet.

But as I sit here with my (much needed) cup of coffee, I notice a happy accident.

A pink coffee cup.

photo 1-2

My pink socks.

photo 2-2

I’m even wearing a pink sweater.

It’s not over yet – there is still pink for today.


7 thoughts on “Pink Today

  1. I still have bubbles in my purse just in case I see you. I’m thankful for the hope you share even in the midst of your grief. Love to you all!

  2. Beautiful pink prose from your pink-laced soul. I will now notice all the pink around me today.
    Thank you, Darling Daughter, for pointing us to positivity through tears.

  3. cami, I usually don’t read your post I leave it for donna, but somehow today on my new smart phone I paused to check email and read it. God began to flood my mind and I began to weep. who weeps while they are working a chevy pickup, I guess I do. I began to weep more and kind of got out of control and headed for my car in the lot snot and all. God says you will always have a supply of pink, a glimpse here and there. maybe a pink fish in the restaurant aquarium, a child’s shoes and if He thinks you are low on pink you will see pink in the sunset or sunrise. lulu came here and experienced love and all the life around her. now she bounds about in heaven enjoying the company of the Lord. she is exploring all of heaven and waiting for her family so she can show you around. pink is her color and now that I know that when I see pink I can celebrate lulu In my heart also…jim e

  4. Pink is always a pretty color, and it’s NEVER done…
    •Balloons are just as fun inflated or on the floor.
    •I’m sure the cheesecake tastes just as wonderful as ever.
    •Friends will be there whenever you need/want them (they’re never gone).
    •Bubbles can always be blown.
    •A peaceful quiet is not a bad thing.
    I love you my sweet sister and celebrate every day with you!

  5. Pink is always a pretty color…
    •balloons are still fun inflated or on the floor
    •i’m sure the cheesecake tastes just as delicious as ever
    •friends will be there whenever you need/want them
    •bubbles can always be blown
    •a peaceful quiet is not a bad thing
    …it’s never done!
    I love you my sweet sister!!!

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