Dear Lulu


Dear Lulu,

My sweet baby girl, I need to write to you tonight, nothing else will do. I need to tell you a few things that I am feeling. I am broken, deeply. My tears continue to fall and I long to hold you for just one more moment, to kiss your fuzzy cheek, to watch you sleep with one eye part-way open. Sometimes at night, I imagine you are sleeping next to me on my pillow and I hear your daddy snoring and it reminds me of the little snoring sounds you made, as you slept. I look at Owen’s dark dark eyes and see how much your eyes are like his. I look at Boo’s perfect little nose and it makes me think of your perfect little nose, placed just right on your face. I hear Dylan singing a song and think about him holding you and singing to you. I hear Simon ask me questions, and it reminds me of all the times he asked to hold you in his arms. I miss you Lulu, so much, I miss you.


One thought on “Dear Lulu

  1. What a precious bundle of pink! I understand that ache of missing so much. It’s such a heavy weight on your chest that it’s hard to catch your breath. Thinking of you, Cami, you and your sweet Lulu.

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