Blowing Bubbles for Lulu

9 months ago tonight my little girl you were born into our family and 9 months ago tonight my little girl our hearts exploded with so much love for you. I was so excited when I found out we had another girl AND that we would get to name you Lulu Grace, have I told you how much I love your name? It is so beautiful…as you are.

Tonight we went to get some things to make your stepping-stones we will put next to your tree at the playground. I found this pink bird and oatmeal heart soap that reminded me of you…hearts & birds. You have always reminded me of a little bird. So I scooped them up & brought them home.

Daddy worked on the small heart-shaped stones. I can’t wait to put them out at the memory garden.

Today as I think about 9 months, I think about the 9 months that you were in my belly & how wonderful it was for me to have you so close to my heart. Just know, Lulu, now you are in my heart forever. I love you my little Lulu Grace.


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