It’s stuff but it’s HER stuff.

Tonight we started packing for a trip & I was looking for a bag to use…

I knew the perfect bag would be the diaper bag I got for Lulu.

I hadn’t unpacked her stuff from it…

her extra pink clothes

her tiny diapers

her pacifier

her stuff…

It was really hard to take her stuff out and put my stuff in, Jason had to help me.

I want to use the bag, so I can think of her, but I don’t want to use the bag.

Does that even make sense?

I know it’s stuff but it’s HER stuff.


4 thoughts on “It’s stuff but it’s HER stuff.

  1. Of course it makes sense. It’s HER stuff. Unpacking it doesn’t mean you are letting her go – it just means you are using her stuff differently. Love you.

  2. It makes perfect sense, Cami. Before Kristen arrived, I bought two diaper bags (because I couldn’t decide between them!). It was just about a month ago that I finally unpacked them. It had been nearly two years, but it was still hard to do.

    Lulu’s stuff is special. I hope using her bag makes you feel close to her.

  3. Yes, Dearest, of course it makes sense. Thank God for Jason.

    But, as I read your post, I desperately wanted to come and get her stuff to “babysit” until you return. I would have loved to touch it and hold it and smell it and cry. Does that make any sense?

    Yes, it’s just stuff and I know, over time, you will find the best home for each piece. It is HER stuff. Miss you, Lulu.


  4. Because it’s HER stuff, it’s almost sacred, untouchable. But even if something happens to HER stuff, it can never take away the memories that you’ve made and the steps you keep taking to keep that memory alive. No one, nothing can take those sacred, special memories of HER from YOU thanks to HIM.


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