Lulu Book

My sis-in-law, Kelly, wrote & illustrated a book for us, in honor of Lulu.

She wrote a beautiful story…

 “The Story of Lulu”



“Daddy loved kissing Lulu’s chubby cheeks”

“Mommy loved Lulu’s little hiccups” 

 “Dylan loved everything about Lulu” 

 “Owen loved when Lulu would smile at him”


 “Simon loved to hold Lulu”

 “Boo loved kissing & hugging Lulu”






3 thoughts on “Lulu Book

  1. Oh, Kelly and Cami! How beautiful! I can’t wait to see it and touch it!

    How can such a little bird bring such a big ache and such a big thrill at the same time?

    love to all of you,

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