Lulu’s Grace Race

We are working on our plans to celebrate Lulu’s birthday next week.

We’ve decided to wait on the race that we had originally planned on doing.

{This past summer was a lot harder for me than I imagined it would be.}

I still would like to have a race in honor of Lulu & to raise funds for the Trisomy Organization & Dayton Children’s, but that may be down the road a bit.

This year we’ve decided to have a different celebration for Lulu.

It almost feels like I’m planning a birthday party for her – and I like that feeling.

It will be a beautiful way for our family to remember her & I can’t wait to share more…

{This photo was taken 5 days after Lulu was born}

{Kelly had a photographer from “Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep”  take family photos}

{She did an AMAZING job}


7 thoughts on “Lulu’s Grace Race

  1. I LOVE this picture, it brought tears to my eyes. She was amazing like the rest of her family! Her birthday will be a day to celebrate this beautiful angel that we got to meet! Love you Camilynn!!!!

  2. I couldn’t remember how teeny-tiny she was. This pic shows a great perspective. Jason, can you believe your daughter could cozy up in the palm of your hand? Amazing! So much beauty in such a little package!

    Mimi misses you, Wee Birdie!

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