She has the same birthday

Grief can be a very lonely place. A place that you can begin to look inward and say “why me”. A place that can make you feel sorry for yourself and stop looking around to those in need. And honestly, we have done that on more than one occasion. I began to see that in me and knew that was not something that I wanted to be a result of our precious gift we were given. I think it is in our human nature to be selfish and want things “our way”. So I knew one of the “gifts” I wanted to give back in memory of Lulu (since she was given to us, not to be selfish, but instead to be grateful) was to sponsor a little child who was in need.

We talked to the kiddos about it and we found a little girl who will be 9 years old on Friday – we found her because she shares her birthday with Lulu. Her name is Ana and she lives in the Dominican Republic. She enjoys playing house, with dolls, and group games.

The kiddos are excited to begin to write her and Boo has already colored several pictures to send to Ana.

It feels good to reach out to someone in need even in the midst of our pain.

There is a peace that lays heavily on us even when there is still pain in our hearts.


2 thoughts on “She has the same birthday

  1. Cami,
    This is an awesome idea! Even better since Ana’s birthday represents the same day as Lulu’s. I can’t wait to hear the kids talk about her and what pictures Annabelle has drawn for her:)

  2. Welcome to our family, Ana! Can’t wait to see a picture of you. I hope your birthday is fun and more special because you are told that a family in Ohio that loves you and will send some blessings your way. You will help teach us more abaout the family of God worldwide.

    Love you because of our Lord Jesus,
    Your Mimi in Ohio, USA

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