Thoughts of Lulu

Last year at this time we had our little baby girl at home with us. Learning to live in the moment with her. Celebrating everyday.

Sometimes it feels like an eternity ago that I held Lulu in my arms & other times it feels like it was just yesterday.

Such a tiny piece of hope & joy & love for us to be able to share.

I wake up some mornings & think, did this really happen to us? Do we have a daughter that we will never see grow here on earth? How could this all be real?

That is when I start to focus on myself.

My own hurt & my own sadness & my own wants.

And then God…

He gently reminds me that He is enough. He is the 1 constant in my life. He will never ever go away.

And my love for Him swells.


2 thoughts on “Thoughts of Lulu

  1. Oh, Honey, I love that pic. She is so warm and alive and tiny, tiny, tiny! Looking at your kiss, I can almost feel her teeny warm cheek on my own lips. And how I miss her on this chilly rainy day that feels like all nature is crying w/ us.

    I have a kiss for you, Sweetheart and that is as close as I can get to Lulu this week.

    Until our coffee date Thursday,

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