Savoring the Moment

This weekend, Owen & Simon’s soccer games were over & it was our first Saturday morning we stayed in our pj’s until close to lunch time.

The kids built blocks for most of the morning.

Jason & I were wondering what we should be doing.

It is a new phase in our lives, where the kids play (most of the time) really well together.

It was a relaxing morning & a great time to sit back & savor the moment.


4 thoughts on “Savoring the Moment

  1. Your kids play so well together most of the time because you and Jason have been so faithful to help them through the necessary measures of love and boundaries, joy and discipline, laughter and suffering. Beyond that, your kids really respect and enjoy each other which is THE basic building block of relationships that will last through the rest of their lives. Lucky kids! Lucky Mimi!

    love you all tenderly,

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