We took the kiddos to SHINE {Share His Incredible News Everywhere}.

Our church has a community outreach after the traditional trick or treat, where we hand out candy as you go through different stations sharing stories of Jesus {this year the stories were all about the 10 commandments}.

It really is an incredible thing.

D – the gangster

O – black spiderman

S – incredible hulk

A – our little dragon

Last year we went & took Lulu . As we walked through this year, it was {as with so many things right now} just “different”. I know in my head we need to continue making new memories, but I feel in my heart that I want to hang on to the past & not move forward.

Here are the kiddos from last year.

As Lulu was tucked away in her stroller.

We had a big bow to wrap around her, she was our gift. She slept right up until it was time to go through SHINE and then she woke up to eat, so I got to stay inside the warm church and feed and cuddle Lulu, while daddy took the other kiddos through.


2 thoughts on “SHINE

  1. Your kiddos are adorable in their costumes 🙂 I’m sure it is hard to look back on time as it was – wishing things could be different with your sweet little one! Praying for you! By the way, you have a beautiful smile.

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