Friday Praise & Prayers

{and last day to be entered in the give-a-way – I’ll announce winners on Monday}

When Jason & I went to The Respite Retreat last February, we met 12 other parents that had also said good-bye to one {or two} of their children. We have put together a list of all of our children’s birthdays & their deathdays. It has been such a source of help to all of us to be able to remember these days with one another. To say our children’s names. To remember stories that were shared. The month of December is filled with several days we will remember. I will be praying for these families {and others that have had much loss}. One of the mother’s from our weekend, Terri, wrote recently that someone told her that we haven’t “lost our children – we know right where they are”…

…I love that.

What comfort that brings me.

To know where Lulu is today.

I will take time to praise God for what this month is really all about.

{It is almost His birthday – what are your plans to celebrate Him?}

What are your prayers & praises for today?


2 thoughts on “Friday Praise & Prayers

  1. My praise is I just got to spend an hour with one of my bestest friends(your mama cami!!) whom I have not seen for too long and got to share the biggest praise of all…MY mama gave her life over to the Lord a week ago..just before she will be saying goodbye to THIS life..any that the Lord will extend her life thru Cristmas so she can see all her brother form nephew from there as well and my neice from Germany..I believe He will..thank you Lord..and Lulu..there will be a “Mimi” in heaven with you soon..please take her hand and put into Jesus’ hand so she can feel the loving hands that led her Home!!

    1. I am THRILLED with this news, Kelli. I will continue to pray with you that your Christmas will be a complete one with your mother. Praise be to God – He is SO good!

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