Canvas Print

We have a few photos that are printed on canvas.


I really like how it adds depth to our gallery wall.

This will be the newest canvas that will be adding some color to our otherwise black & white wall.



I can’t wait to get it!

This is also the post where I give credit where credit is due.

Teesha from Humble Me Photography not only did a fabulous job of photographing our family, but she came to our house and made our shoot very comfortable.

{Teesha, I will be calling you after the first snowfall}

I have to share a few more amazing shots she took. Her work says it much better than my words do…





Check her out on Facebook at Humble Me Photography.


4 thoughts on “Canvas Print

  1. ILove the pics. What a great background, the barn. Simon is Simon, what can i say. Anyway they are just beautiful.

  2. It was my friend Linda (who avidly follows FB) who discovered your whole set of pics and Teesha’s website, so we enjoyed that visual trip very much. My heart flips each time I see a pic of one of my beloved’s face and Teesha’s photographic interpretations makes it nearly stop!!
    The Mimi of those gorgeous kids!

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