yesterday and today


my name was written in suffering font


i chose myself over Him


sorrow was my shadow


grief clung like the last leaf of fall



i want to stay here in His presence

here in His grace

with Him always


His grace is reaching out for me


my home is no longer here


His blood pours out to cover it all


4 thoughts on “yesterday and today

  1. Cami..this is more timely than you know..thank you for sharing it. Truly His grace IS reaching out for us..I pray no matter how far away it may SEEM..I keep stretching until I feel his strong grip pull me to Himself..into His presence..Bless you sweet sister..

  2. Beautiful!!!! Thank you for sharing Cami. He continues to give me strength and guidance until the day comes that I to can see Him face to face. Thank you for all your support. Love you Cami!!!

  3. Easter for me wasn’t rosey and joyous, as we all expect. But a little thing made me smile and play. A little neighbor boy played in his yard, pulling a plastic sword from his plastic sheath at his side. The sword was a bubble wand and the sheath, the bubble liquid. He pulled long oval bubbles into the air behind him, as he ran. I smiled, chuckled even. Then, I brought out my own little bottle of the grandchildren’s bubbles and I blew through the wand and waved it filling my own yard and my heart with happy bubbles. I thought, of course, of Lulu and happily imagined flying away to her someday.
    Even so, Lord Jesus, come quickly.

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