“We live by what we know, not how we feel”…

Our pastor shared this line yesterday in his sermon and it has been ringing in my ears since. Someday’s are easier to live by that. Someday’s it becomes a choice. The past week was a heavy one, most definitely, with daily up and downs.  At times we choose to stay in and quiet ourselves and give in to the grief that was so overwhelming. Other times we smiled through our tears and saw brightly the blessings that our life is filled with. It is a “see-saw” life right now, to say the least. But it is our life. I believe that God gave us our emotions {and yes, He generously blessed me}, not to rule our lives but instead to help us feel His GREAT love.

We know in our head His promises He has given all of us.

Choose to live by those.

We feel in our hearts His deep, wide love for us.

Choose to feel it pull you in close today.


7 thoughts on ““We live by what we know, not how we feel”…

  1. Wow. Powerful stuff. Powerful place you have here in blogland, an oasis for those looking for a little rest and a chance to hear a comforting voice.

    So glad I clicked over from “Write It, Girl”.

  2. My heart grieves for your loss. We lost a daughter half way through a pregnancy – she was a trisomy 16 baby girl. We never got to hold her. It was a miracle she survived as long as she did – and she is in each of our hearts. When God says, “He’ll turn your mourning to dancing” – I think of what it will be like when I get to wrap my arms around her in heaven, to look in her eyes and know her:) – Living in the waiting:)

  3. I was just having this conversation with my daughters during a homeschool Bible lesson. The book was comparing our emotions to the King Kong movie – it was being led by his emotions that killed him in the end. It went on to say, that our emotions/feelings are from God. He has feelings. They are not good/bad in and of themselves. It is what we do in response to them. David turned to God – who lifted downcast soul.

    King Kong is so applicable in our home of all girls – emotions run strong and now I can bring him up when they are out of control!

    Anyway – sorry for the rambling! I am so glad to have found you in this place. I love you words and I know that God is using your story! Thanks for being part of Write It, Girl!

  4. cami..so glad I read this phrase you posted a while back..I SO needed it “we live by what we know..not by what we feel!!” it is strengthening to me this morning..you see how Lulu continues to minister here on earth!! what an amazing little girl!! YEA LULU!!

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