The snow started falling yesterday afternoon.

When the kiddos got home from school we went out to play.

 The best part of playing in the snow?

– besides building a snowman…

– and besides doing donuts in the golf cart

{cause we’re hillbilly like that – I wanted to take a picture of Jason doing the donuts, but I was laughing too hard}

 Anyway…the best part?…

Hot cocoa with a whipped cream hat.


2 thoughts on “Snow

  1. I love watching life at your house thru Lulu’s posts! I can imagine how she loves it too! Better believe she was scooting across the clouds and laughing while your 4 (and the big kid, too) were slippin’ & slidin’ in our first snow!! LOVE the words, “hot cocoa w/ a cap!”


    1. When we were out watching the snow fall last night, Dylan said “I bet the snow falling is when angels shed their wings”. It was good to look up in the sky & imagine Lulu playing along right with us.

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