He holds us

This is His promise to us…

When we are asking why,

He holds us.

When we are missing our loved ones,

He holds us.

When our jobs are driving us crazy,

He holds us.

When we feel alone,

He holds us.

When we want to hold our baby,

He continues to hold us.

Do you feel His arms around you today?


3 thoughts on “He holds us

  1. What a precious picture of Lulu! Thank you for reminding us of His faithfulness to us, no matter what the battle is between our brain and our heart.

  2. Cami..Eternal Arms are really all we have to TRUST will never leave us..how quickly the hands and arms of those we love can be gone because of their mortality..my loss is no comparison to a child of 62 days or a wife ..mother ..grandma..of only 57 years..but it still hurts..for I only REALLY experienced her LOVING arms around me the last 4 years..no details now..but I am grateful for those 4 years..memories forever…I used to quote the verse in proverbs alot for a different reason but now for a whole different one..”the memory of the just is BLESSED!”

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