Summer is almost here…

This is a sign that summer starts {at least in this house} in 2 short days…

The kiddos boards are our go-to the whole school year for school papers, soccer forms, ballet rehearsals, and schedules.

And with just 1 paper on each board that says to me it’s almost time for staying up late, pulling out the swim trunks, flashlight painting in the dark, more cooking on the grill and less on the stove, riding bikes, heading off to camp, sleeping under the stars {at least once}, making s’mores a regular dinner item, catching fireflies for night lights and visiting the Dairy Barn way too often.

What is on your summer to-do list?


3 thoughts on “Summer is almost here…

  1. Last month I found a perfectly heavenly pink cake called Pink Lemonade Cake at a local coffee shop. As soon as I tasted it, I knew I must order it in honor of Lulu Grace. So, in September, I will gather my Snyder family for this yummy cake, and we will celebrate two of the most beautiful months of our lives.

  2. Cami- this sounds so great! I miss you and your family… being out here so far away from y’all is not fun. 😦 Have some summer fun for me! 🙂 Love you!


  3. The Byram summer plans are to enjoy each other while relaxing. We are also taking a few trips in our camper. Personally I hope to have lunch with a dear friend and peak at her family’s new house! Love and miss you!

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