Parenting is the greatest balancing act

D is going on his first mission trip in less than 2 weeks!

He is SO excited.


I’m excited, nervous and thankful.

Excited because he will be traveling with 2 other’s from Greenville and our good friend Austie. She will be teaching 11-13 year old kids at Teen Mania this summer how to share their faith & their testimony’s with other children. They will work in a soup kitchen & put what they learn into practice at local events with kids their age.  I am excited for this opportunity for D to learn about missions. I told Austie, I want her to do this for all my kiddos. And she said she would be honored to.

I am nervous. I know he will do great, but yes, he will be flying & traveling WITHOUT ME. I can’t focus on my fear too long or it can easily take over.

And I am thankful. Thankful that God continues to do great things in our life. Thankful that D gets to go on this trip. Thankful that this is a gift, I pray, will be life-changing.

And so, as I have been thinking about his trip I realize that, sometimes parenting is like walking on a tightrope at the circus.

So many uncertainties…

will I fall?

can I make it?

do I even know what I’m doing?

The fact is…

I will fall.

I won’t always do the right things.

 I don’t know what I am doing.

But having my safety net is the only way that I can continue to walk forward, one foot in front of the other, holding my arms out, and looking forward.

D is going to have an amazing time on his trip.

And even better?

He is going to get to know his safety net a little bit more as I let go of him and he reaches out,with both hands, to God.


3 thoughts on “Parenting is the greatest balancing act

  1. You are so right and the parenting doesn’t stop, even when they are adults. Will be praying for D along with mom and dad too! Love and miss you! 🙂

  2. As I read this, I thought of sending my oldest daughter, Michelle, to summer camp about 25 years ago. I felt the same thing as you are now. God comforted me by sending your mother-in-law, Martha, to be at the camp the same week. She was like Michelle’s second mother when she was little, and now she was going to be at the same camp the very same week. God worked in Michelle’s life and she attended many camps after that and went on many missions trips too. It’s hard to let go and let them learn to trust God fully, but we must do it in order for them to grow. Sending along my prayers for you and Dylan!

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