Happy 2nd Birthday

We are so thankful today.

Continuing to celebrate the gift of you.

Happy 2nd Birthday, Lulu.


6 thoughts on “Happy 2nd Birthday

  1. My yellow balloon is floating on a string hung by the window. Did you get yours? I awoke today thinking of the long day we spent at Wayne Hospital awaiting this little girl’s arrival. She was so cozy inside her mamma. I remember the thrill of hearing Jason say, “a girl!” I remember the first time I heard her most beautiful name, a poem in two words. I remember how hard we fought and prayed for her to breathe. And God said yes.
    I remember the thrill of the first time I held her, albeit wired, at NICU. I remember kangeroo time, my most personal and intimate moments with my tiny baby granddaughter. I remember the ecstatic love cacoon she lived in with her adoring family. I remember how blessed we all are to have met and loved Lulu Grace. I will celebrate her all day.
    Thank you, my precious Snyders, for giving us Lulu. Thank You, Lord Jesus for such a gift to carry in our hearts all our lives long.


  2. What a sweet girl! I think of you & your family often. I pray for you, but have also been truly affected by your grace and faithfulness! I’m glad I got to see a picture of this sweet beautiful face. What a precious gift! Love to all of you today and always! XO. Nicki Sommer

  3. You’re amazing, Cami. This blog is so beautiful. I didn’t know what I was signing when I left my 1st comment. I’m so glad that your brother included this link on facebook, and that I thought of you again this morning, and clicked on it again to find this amazing blog. Reading it at work was a HUGE mistake, but I will visit it when I’m in the privacy of my own home in the future, when I can cry both tears of joy and of grief when no one is watching. You are so special, strong, faithful, graceful, creative. I don’t really even know you, but have felt a connection to you since the day you told me about your sweet Lulu Grace on the playgound. I’ve thought of you so many times since that day. I’ve never been so touched by 1 single conversation – ever. I’ve often thought since about how I would feel if I ever lost a child, and I truly believe that having met you would help me get through it with more faith & grace than I may have had otherwise. Know that you are inspiring people by being a living testimony of God’s word, and His promises. Your words are beautifully written and so touching. I will continue to think of you often, and silently thank you for the example you live every day. This IS our temporary home! God bless you and your precious family of 7! Much love to all of you! XO

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