Birthday Decorating

We’re decorating around here for our baby’s birthday.

She will be 2 on Sunday.

Celebrating somewhere else.

And that is really hard for me.

The flower’s are still so beautiful, Aunt Sue.

I have been selfish this week. Not concerned about what God has done for me, but instead why life is so hard? Why can’t Lulu be here with us? Will it always hurt this bad? Why are memories the only thing I am holding?

And then the guilt sets in.

We are so blessed. There are so many people who luv us. Why am I complaining?

It is a crazy ride and I just want to yell at the carnie to stop and let me off!

The back and forth is enough to make anyone go crazy.

Today, would you say a prayer? A prayer for anyone that has suffered a loss. Say a prayer for yourself {hasn’t everyone lost something}. Say a prayer for me, I would greatly appreciate it.


9 thoughts on “Birthday Decorating

  1. Aww….Cami! I cannot believe she is going to be 2 already! Feeling selfish is being human. A wound that is scabbed yet when bumped, bleeds and a scar that will never heal. Praying for you today ❤

  2. Prayers being sent up for you today. You are human and the pain is still very real. Healing takes lots of time. Try to rest in the arms of Jesus today knowing you are loved and so is LuLu.

  3. I will say a special prayer for you today, and thank god for all we are blessed with. Having Lulu and holding her is so special to our family in more ways than we can ever imagine. Thank you for being the best mommy for all our kids. You are the best, I love you very much
    Love J

  4. thanks for the pretty pics; thanks for being vulnerable; thanks for prompting my too-long-held-back tears; how I miss Lulu.
    feeling so far away this week, your post made me feel close. I will pray for you and Jason this week.
    i love you, mom

  5. Cami-I am reminded of little Miss Lulu everyday:) Her picture is on my bulletin board in my room. Happy 2nd Birthday Lulu Grace! I am so glad I was able to come and see her that Saturday morning while Jason and the boys were gone. Prayers are being sent your way!

    Jason-That was such a sweet comment:)

  6. Wishing LuLu a happy 2nd birthday and missing her, too. I imagine her playing at the feet of Jesus, wearing a big beautiful Snyder smile! Praying for your family this week. Love you, Cami!

  7. as I went down Broadway today I saw a new shop with HUGE letters spelling “sadie GRACE” I realized EVERYTIME I see the name GRACE I instantly think of Lulu. what ablessing THAT is as it will always prompts me to pray for your family Cami. 2 years Birthday sweet girl!!

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