Our Week

A few weeks ago, I worked at the school’s book fair. I picked out a book for each of the kids for Valentine’s Day. While I was there I found 2 books with a girl named Lulu in them. I bought them for her.


Our staircase lined with sweet valentine’s from Aunt Sarah.

Breakfast of champs: french toast sticks, whipped cream and raspberries.

Lulu’s 2nd book.

Giving some luv to September.

The boys eating their healthy breakfast.

Enjoy your weekend and the ones you luv.


2 thoughts on “Our Week

  1. i finally see why you’ve used the cutesie spelling of love, “luv” for some time now. I just thought it was a quick way of writing. But from this entry I clearly see your embrace of Lulu and your love for her whenever you write “luv.” Brilliant, endearing, a great idea from God!
    I LUV YOU, Sweetheart! Send my luv to all my champs at CityFarm.

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