Birthday Weekend

We had such a difficult yet wonderful celebration for Lulu this past weekend.

Friday was a special day that we filled with new memories. We got to spend it with people who were with us when Lulu was born and even got to hear some of their memories of her. That was very special.

Saturday we blew our bubbles…




 and I made a strawberry pie – my first one… 

It was runny (we had to eat it with spoons) but it was delicious….


And something else that filled our hearts all weekend long were the cards, the visits, the emails, the texts, the phone calls,

the “thinking of you’s” – and the “praying for you’s”,

and the most helpful words to hear… the “she will not be forgotten’s”.





One thought on “Birthday Weekend

  1. So happy this weekend went well for all the Snyder’s! Lulu was in my thougths all day Friday, it was a nice feeling. Love you all, Aunt Sue

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